Welcome to True Light Community Church

We are a community of faith, dedicated to building the body of Christ. We hope to glorify God by letting Jesus Christ, who came into this world as True Light of God, shine forth through us. We believe one of the ways we reveal this True Light is through our unity.

When Jesus prayed for the believers on the night before he was arrested, he prayed for the unity of believers. Much of the world was divided during Jesus’ days. There were divisions between male and female, Jews and Gentiles, learned and unlearned, masters and slaves, those who are old and those who are young. But through the power of the Gospel, those walls of hostility were broken down, bringing all believers together in unity.

Churches today face similar divisions. There are generational gaps, cultural gaps, language gaps, and others. We at True Light Community Church hope to break down those barriers and be united in all we do through the redeeming and uniting power of the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. From our worship services to bible studies to missions to various ministries, everyone is included and welcomed. We are all God’s children and we all have something to offer. By worshipping and serving together, we believe all of us will grow more mature in faith.

Come and be part of this community, so that together we may build the body of Christ, to the glory of God.

Vision 2020

Community of faith dedicated to building the body of Christ


Intergerational Ministry
  • Golden Ministry
  • Family Oriented Ministry
  • Young Adult Ministry
Discipleship Ministry
  • Biblical Discipline
  • Prayer Life
  • Leadership Development
Community Ministry
  • Communal Worship
  • Neighboring Outreach
  • Partnership Ministry